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5500 Preparer's Manual for 2012 Plan Years

5500 Preparer's Manual for 2012 Plan Years
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CCH® BENEFITS — 10/21/10

Plan Sponsors Now Have Online Access To Early Retirement Health Plan Reimbursement Features

from Spencer’s Benefits Reports: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that various Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) procedures for reimbursement may now be completed by plan sponsors, including the following:

Authorized representatives or account managers of plan sponsors with approved applications may now assign designees to assist with certain ERRP application tasks, such as early retiree list setup, the changing of bank information, and the viewing, sending, and receiving of early retiree data. The HHS has stated that functionality should soon become available that will enable designees to assist with reporting costs and requests for reimbursement.

Once assigned, designees will receive an e-mail from the HHS’ ERRP Center inviting them to register for the ERRP secure website. After they receive access to their online accounts, designees will be able to view and change application information.

The HHS has requested that all plan sponsors complete a one-time confirmation on the ERRP secure website (ERRP SWS) at The information includes the bank routing number, bank account number, and bank contact e-mail address.

Plan sponsors must submit an early retiree list before requesting reimbursement under ERRP. The method to be used by the plan sponsor to submit early retiree lists should be specified as part of the Early Retiree List Setup process, also available on the secure website.

HHS noted that plan sponsors will be able to submit summary cost data and reimbursement requests some time in October 2010.

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